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To get the coordinates for the extra cache you need to fulfill the following requirements:
1. All found caches have to be aktivated with the Cache Codes.
2. You must be the owner of all 22 streets in the Monopoly game.

After your first found of a Swiss-Monopoly Cache you will get a message over your profil with the login information. When you first login the game begins for you.

You recieve for the gamebegin:
- 1500 M (M is the currency of this game)
- 1 founded cache, that has to be aktivated.

Eveery Swiss-Monopoly Geocache you find and is logged on, appears after your next login under your founds. Every found has to be activated.

Activate a found Every Swiss-Monopoly Geocache has a extra Code, which you need for the activation. In the playermenu under [Activate] you can activate your Geocache found if you put the letter and the number into the form for the corresponding found. After this press activate. Through this you get a random street card and 3 extra dices. The cost of this street will be taken from your money.

You dice with 2 dices. If you dice 2 equal numbers (Pasch) you get an extra turn. If you dice 3 times in the row a Pasch you go directly to jail.

The Monopoly currency appears as M. You start with 1500 M. The best thing is: You can not get bankrupt, it is allowed to go under 0 M.

Streets Monopoly has 22 streets separeted in 8 diffrent colors. If you are the owner of all cards with the same color, you will get the doubled amount of the rent, if the street has no buildings. You can get a street when you activate a found or you trade with an other player.

You can build on your street if you are the owner of all streets with the same color, has enough money and your are on one of those fields. You can build just one building during your visit. If you have four houses on your street you can build a hotel. The price for the house or hotel will removed from your money.

Rent If a player lands on a street, he must pay the rent to the owner. If more than one player own the street, a random genarator select the player who recieves the rent. Altough you are the owner of this street you must pay the rent anywa.

That a new player not have to pay an owner with houses or hotels at his beginning, we built following rules::
- Till to round 4 you must pay rent to owner without buildings.
- Till to round 7 you must only pay rent to owner with a maximum of 3 houses.
- From round 7 you need to pay to all owners.
Player with all streets and player witch are not loged in within the last 90 days can not recieve rents.

To get the owner of all streets you need to trade with other players. You can only trade with players who are on the same field as you. To see if a player is on your field you can go to the menu TRADE or you can select the field on the board. On the Start field you can not trade. If you found someone to trade you can send them a trading request. This request appears as open in the trade menu. The trader can accept or reject in the same menu point. If the player or the trader dice before the trade is accepted or rejected the trade expires. After a dice the player has 4 weeks to make trade offers. After this you can only recieve trade offers. Traded cards can be traded after the next 7 days.

If you land or go over Start you recieve 200 M.

Free-Parking field
All money that the bank recieves land on the Bonus on the Free-Parking . Everybody who lands on this field gets the Bonus. All the time there is a minimum of 250 M on the Free-Parking field!

Jail field
A player who lands on the jail field after a dice is only there for visit reason. The game continues normaly. A player who comes to this field through a card [Go to Jail] or the field [To Jail] or after 3 Pasch in a row is in jail. The player can leave the jail, when he dice a Pasch or has a [leave the jail]-card or pais 50 M and lose a second dice on his next turn.

Chancellery- oder Chance-Field If a player lands on one of this fields he can get or lose money, can get additional dices or will be set on a other field, etc.

The player pais the rent to the bank

Water work& Electric utility
The player pais the rent on the basis of his dices.

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